About Us

We are Pascal, Vera and Portia.

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe is a consultant based in Brussels who tries to solve more problems than he causes. To do this, he uses Agile, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Systems Thinking techniques.

His blog: http://blog.nayima.be

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Vera Peeters

Vera and Pascal are the co-founders of the Belgian XP group and one of the organizers of XP Days Benelux. One day they invented the “XP Game“, because they couldn’t explain XP to their team and customers. They’ve learned that games are an ideal way to learn. Since then the duo have been busy transforming work into play…

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Portia Tung

Portia is a consultant based in London, specialising in software process improvement using principles and practices from Lean Software Development, XP and Scrum. She’s glad to have found a pair who loves making work fun as much as she does.

Her blog: http://www.selfishprogramming.org

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