Estimation Games

Session Objectives

  • Learn 10 basic rules that will help you avoid many estimation pitfalls
  • Be prepared for the the way some people try to “game” estimates
  • Perform some simple and fun estimation exercises
  • Experience that estimation doesn’t have to be scary, time consuming or difficult

Intended Audience and Prerequisites

This is an introductory session with basic techniques that everyone involved in estimation should know.


Estimation is associated with Fear, Uncertainty and Deathmarches. Most of us would rather not estimate. Yet, sometimes we do need estimates and commitments, even on “estimation-less” projects. Play a series of estimation games to experience how different techniques deliver very different results. Learn a few simple rules that turn you into a reliable estimator. But correct estimates aren’t enough. See what else is required to deliver on your promises. Learn to deal with the destructive games people play with estimates. Estimating can be Fun, embracing Uncertainty and Delivering.

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: Interactive tutorial


Agile 2010 Estimation Games

Background Information