Coach Log

A Conversation between an Agile Apprentice and the Agile Coach

Apprentice: How can I make my team agile?
Coach: You can’t change people, you can only help them change themselves.
Apprentice: How can I help them?
Coach: You must first become agile yourself.
Apprentice: How do I become agile?
Coach: It’s simple… but not easy. I will accompany you on your first steps, because the road is dangerous.

The Yellow Brick Road to Agility

The Road Towards Agility

  1. Starting Out with a New Team
  2. Introducing Agile Values and Practices
  3. The Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Team
  4. Understanding What the Customer Needs
  5. Delivering as Promised
  6. 1-2-1 Agile Coaching for Team Members
  7. Continuous Improvement
  8. What Makes a Good Agile Coach?
  9. Personal Development