Systems Thinking with the Logical Thinking Process

Session Objectives

  • Learn how to apply Systems Thinking tools
  • Learn how to find the root causes of problems
  • Learn how to find and undo assumptions behind conflicts to create win-win solutions, without compromise

Intended Audience and Prerequisites

No knowledge required. An open mind is essential.


Have you experienced a conflict where you didn’t understand what the cause was? Have you ever been stuck trying to solve a conflict? Have you ever been unhappy about a compromise solution?

Our assumptions are:

  • that every conflict is caused by invalid assumptions
  • that those assumptions can be found
  • that we can find actions that dispel the invalid assumptions
  • that this is a way to solve every conflict without compromising

Are you in a situation where you both need to do something AND can’t do this? For example, I need to refactor this code to make it cleaner BUT I can’t refactor it because I’ll probably break it. Or do you sometimes have to choose between two alternatives and want both? For example, I need to keep my project scope high level to delay commitment AND I need to provide my customer with a detailed account of what they’ll get.

Bring these types of conflict to the session and we will solve them together. The conflicts you bring along to use in our workshop can be both work-related and not work-related. If you have a life without problems, you can help someone else create their breakthrough solution. We will explain the techniques step by step. You will work in small groups to apply the techniques on the conflicts that participants have brought to the session.

You will leave this session with one less conflict in your life: either you will have discovered that there was no conflict after all or you found the breakthrough actions to resolve the conflict and create a win-win solution for both parties.

Duration: 90 minutes per tool

Format: guided tutorial, where the tools are applied to real problems the participants bring to the workshop.


Background Information

Conflict Resolution Diagram tutorial