Agile Every Day

Agile is about delivering the highest business value possible faster by focusing on people and Continuous Improvement. While collaboration remains a key theme in everything we do, something more elemental has emerged out of our creative sessions: the importance of mutual understanding.

TO create things of great value
AS Agile Coaches
WE NEED to help ourselves and others be more agile every day

To implement this User Story, we share the tools we use as coaches, describe how we apply them and give insights into what being agile means to us.

Transforming Work into Play

We work hard to make learning fun because we’ve found that it helps the lessons stick.

Vera Peeters, Portia Tung and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe

All our coach tools  are available under the Creative Commons 2.0 license. Download them here and use them at work to provide hours of fun with your colleagues.
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