Solve Conflicts without compromise at Mini SPA 2010

Portia and Pascal presented a tutorial on how to use the “Conflict Resolution Diagram” systems thinking tool at the Mini SPA conference in London on September 10th 2010.

The slides of the presentation and summaries of the systems thinking tools are available on this site.

Let us know if these tools gave you ideas to resolve some conflicts in your life.

Agile Tour Lille 2009

Pascal ran the Bottleneck Game session at Agile Tour Lille on October 30th.

Read Pascal’s retrospective of Agile Tour Besançon and Lille

Strengthen the weakest link

Agile Tour Besançon 2009

Pascal ran the Conflict Resolution Diagram session at Agile Tour Besançon on October 6th.

The handout with the session summary is available on the Systems Thinking page.

Solve Conflicts without Compromise

The presentation slides of the other sessions are available on the Agile Tour Besançon site.

Scandinavian Agile in Helsinki, 15-16 October 2009

Portia and Pascal presented the Toyota Way at Scandinavian Agile 2009.

Pascal assisted Artem Marchenko in running the Business Value Game.

Pascal did a tryout of the Conflict Resolution Diagram systems thinking tool.